Go Orange Open Stage

We are arranging at ROSSK (Roskilde sangskriverklub) an open stage happening as a part of the Roskilde Festival.
The actual act will be held in the main square in downtown of Roskilde.
This is done in cooperation with Visit Roskilde.

The city of Roskilde is going completely orange during the Roskilde Festival
and thereby the festival vibes will be “noticeable” also in the center of Roskilde
– and not just there on the actual festival area.

I will be one of the hosts, with my fellow musicians from ROSSK,
entertaining and hopefully attracting some new faces on the stage
to play along or present their own numbers. Come by!

TIME: Monday 27/6 and Tuesday 28/6 2016 – from 2PM to 5PM
PLACE: Stændertorvet

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