What to do with all these songs – here’s a one suggestion

I´m not that good at updating my pages.

I mean I go out and play once in a while. More or less on regularly basis.
One of the cool songwriters play-spot is Råhuset, at Onkel Dannys Plads at the meat district, in Copenhagen.

They are arranging on every Sunday CPH listening room concerts, with one booked act, including pre-followed and after followed open mic sessions. One can also participate to listening room’s listening circle where musicians are welcome to present their new works to get some feedback. If wanting/needing it.

It really is one of the best way of forcing yourself out of your confront zone and present your stuff naked to an honest but gentle audience.

I mean, sometimes it is so frustrating to sit alone at home and go through the musical agony and positive climaxes – and this hamster wheel keeps going and going on – better to get used to it.
But nonetheless, it is much more fun to share this brutal fun.

I know that the first thought might be “No way” – “I´m not going to present anything unfinished to bunch of strangers” – but hey, it is definitely worth for trying.

Check them for instance here!

I’ve booked my own set to the end of August – Sunday 28/8 2016.

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