New Year 2016 – What happened last year?

I consider 2015 being a year when I finally found my inner voice through songwriting as well my personal singing voice. This has also effected me so that I´m less comfortable at making compromises.


I have had several issues stuck in my head of how to produce the voice correctly. It was important turning point for me to discover guitar playing again 5 years ago than, also because it opened up my voice as well as songwriting. During the year 2015 the confidence grew and I feel finally home.

I´ve always been singing, either in choirs or by taking solo lessons. It has been a total mess of different technics and styles, everyone guiding a bit differently, eating self confidence at the same time.

The voice should just let come out as it comes.


Performing at Rabalder Festival 2015 in Roskilde – at Musicon Art &  Rock Museum

Thanks for Anemone Ojala for the great picture!


– – – – –

Composing then is something where one can really fly. There´s no limits.

At the moment I am finishing an electronic version of my “Smell of An Old Man”- song – where I have almost completely left guitar sounds away – but only just.

I´ll publish it later on.


Happy New Year 2016

Suvi Kukka <3


First stage pic from this year 2016 taken by Carlos Ochoa at Råhuset in Copenhagen

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