A True Christmas Demo – X-mas in Copenhagen

Yep, I have had this song for about two years now,

and I eventually worked on it in “Rytmisk Center” , Vesterbro Copenhagen – learning how to mix it, sing it. etc. Thanks to Rasmus Allin for guiding through this project.

I am still missing the extra compressor for recording my voice, since I sing way too loud and it keeps distorting. But it will do for now.


The idea for the keyboard came from Chet Baker’s classic “My Ideal” – song.

Hope you like it. <3

I also used one evening to make this youtube video – pics are from China, Finland but mostly from Copenhagen. Check it here:   –   X-mas in CPH



Christian Bruhn was so sweet at taking some video clips from me last year at Gimle, Roskilde – which also ended up into the video.


Merry Christmas folks!

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