ROSSK Concert at the Old City Hall- Tuesday 27/10

SPIL DANSK sammen med mig. . .  Tuesday 27/10


Well, As I was posting already in Facebook, 

I have only written two songs in Danish. One of them is: “Min Egen Bryllupvals”,

because the most used one in Denmark is so tame. I have also written one goofy song,

that is reminding “revue”- style, called “Jeg gider ikke være den unge dumme kvinde”.


But these two songs aren’t really a part of my set, ever. I could of course consider to play them,

even though the Wedding Waltz is a piano piece and rather difficult to sing.


I’m playing together with other ROSSK musicians – we start around 4 PM and will continue until 9 PM. I’m on at 5:20 PM and again around 8 PM.


Den Gamle Byrådsal i Byens hus, Stændertorvet 1,4000 Roskilde

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