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Whoopsie – this is actually an old post from last autumn. But in the end, from playing through several X-mas Carols – I ended it up by writing my very first Christmas song. It would be so great to make a demo out of it, post it in soundcloud – or where-ever. I hope I  will soon get the time and effort to do it. And this is equally true with the rest of my songs.


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I have several projects going on. One of them is to do Nordic Christmas Songs concerts with lovely Norwegian singer Hedda Vie.

The purpose is to “hygge” ­ have a good time by singing some well­-known Christmas Carols from different countries. We are only facing a one major problem if we do perform only Nordic songs it creates rather holy and serious atmosphere. Therefore we have also some american songs taken with into our program.

And obviously after playing through several x­mas songs ­ I am now in the middle of writing my own very first x­mas songs. I managed to finish the second one today. I was thinking of calling it : “Christmas in Copenhagen”.

A third project is to finally make a some kind of demo that I could use in my next video ­ ­ The video is being made from a photo collage that I’ve made two years ago then. It would be nice to broadcast it on the internet. I’ll tell more later on but here is one favorite one;

A rather spooky but interesting photo on the right.

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