The Preacher

I have written a song “I hate to preach” – because I feel like I’m always preaching without acknowledging it. I’m trying so hard not to point fingers at others,
since I hate when others do it to me.

Cafe Retro

Even if I have had a silent summer – no concerts – I have written several new songs, and when I’m away from home – I’m missing my guitar so badly.

I will be playing in Cafe Retro, Copenhagen – 7th of November – the exact time is still unknown.

I am participating in a new songwriting course at Copenhagen Singer-Songwriter Academy.
So far, we have had two teachers: Brett Perkins and Annette Bjergfeldt.

– What does it mean when you are being told that “there is this certain nice warmness in your voice but..” Is that negative or positive feedback? Well, despite of this – the co-writing project with Christina Persson is already leading us towards a new beautiful song – I almost can not wait until we will sit down again and finish the writing process. Cheers!

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